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Joyti Care Home is a small nine-resident home that focuses on those requiring Level 1 or Level 2 care.


All of the cleaning at our home is completed daily by our staff so residents do not have to worry about anything. Our home also takes many precautionary measures against COVID-19 including disinfecting high-touch surfaces, use of gloves, and masks for staff.


Each of the resident's three meals and three snacks every day will be provided by the home. As we are a small home we are able to cater to our resident's dietary restrictions and preferences for each meal. If you have any questions about our menus, give us a call!

Health Services

Our care aides will provide each resident with their medication for them so the residents do not have to keep track themselves. Any health concern that falls under Level 2 care, our care aides will be able to keep track of as well. We also have doctor's visits directly at the home if there are any concerns. If you have any questions about specific health services, give us a call!


We have daily activities to keep our residents entertained, as well as weekly visits from a musician to do special sessions for them. We also have a sitting area in the front and back of the home, so residents can go out for fresh air anytime and enjoy the weather. There is also a common living area in the center of the home for our residents to mingle, watch TV, or listen to music.

24/7 Support

Our staff are present on-site 24 hours a day to help out our residents with whatever they may need. Our staff can also be reached by family members at any time should you have any questions or concerns.

And More!

We at Joyti Care Home believe it is the little things that create a good experience for care home residents and so we pride ourselves in doing anything in our capabilities to make our residents feel comfortable. If you have any questions about specific requests, give us a call!

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Living Areas

Each resident in our home has their own private room which can be accessorized to their liking. Each of our rooms are also on the main floor of our home for easy accessibility. There is a shared living room, dining room, and outdoor spaces for all of our residents to enjoy as well! If you would like to book a viewing, give us a call!

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